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Clinton points his finger … again!

Thursday, September 28th, 2006

I saw it again the other day. Former President Clinton we being interviewed by Chris Wallace. Clinton was asked why he didn’t do more to stop Osama Bin Laden while he was president. Clinton got visibly upset, pointing his finger, railing at all kinds of bogey men. Boy, was he mad!

It reminds me of the time when he was president, and someone asked him about his “relationship’ with Monica Lewinski. Clinton got visibly upset and pointed his finger and said, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman…. Miss Lewinsky.”

Well, we know that Clinton lied about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. My take on it is that he is lying about his attempts to get Bin Laden as well. Why else would one of his former advisors steal classified documents regarding that issue.

Clinton is guilty of selective memory. Listen up Bill: “just admit it. you screwed up.” Twice, as it turns out. Well, maybe you can’t call the first time screwing, but he sure had that in his mind at the time. Maybe he didnt’ quite screw Monica, and he didn’t screw Bin Laden, but America, we sure got screwed….especially the 3000+ who were killed on Nine Eleven. Bill, admit your mistakes. Repent, while there’s still time!

The peaceful religion of Islam

Saturday, September 23rd, 2006

The peaceful religion of Islam? I cannot find enough sarcasm in the world to add to that word, peaceful, in my first sentence. Islam has shown itself for what it is, a religion of hatred, invective, self-centeredness, and godlessness.

Recently the Pope made some remarks and quoted some very old remarks that were less than complimentary towards Islam. Though he was only speaking the truth, there was an outcry–by Islamic fascists.  The Pope issued an apology. The Islamic fascists apparently don’t understand that. There is still an outcry, a charge to kill christians and to wreak havoc among Christendom.

I have never, ever, not even once, seen a demonstration by Islamists which was a demonstration calling for peace. Not once. Rarely, I do read about isolated incidents where one or another Muslim calls for peace, but where does that go? Nowhere. It seems to be mostly lip service to me.

I cannot find any evidence that today’s radical, Islamic fascists are peace-loving or peaceful. They are filled with hatred and violence, and as such, must be dealt with in kind. Let those Muslims who are peaceful stand up and stand aside, so they don’t get caught up in the hijack of their formerly great religion. Islam is no longer a great religion, it’s a cover for murderers and thugs. Too bad, so sad. Live by the sword, die by the sword–we can only hope!


Wednesday, September 20th, 2006

Unfortunately, it seems to me that respect is a virtue that is sorely lacking in today’s society. This really came to light as I reflected on some comments in an email exchange lately. I mentioned that I thought that people get what they voted for. My sister emailed back and said that she voted for George Bush and got an idiot.

It’s one thing to disagree with a political figure, even to disagree vehemently. But to call someone like our President and idiote seems to show a basic lack of respect. In truth, a majority of the voting public voted for this man. I doubt if there’s anyone who will agree with every stand that the president takes, but  he is the leader of our nation. If we can’t give him the respect that his office deserves, how can we expect other nations and world leaders to respect him? I we don’t give him fitting respect–even in the face of disagreement with his policies–don’t we undermine the very foundation of our nation: respect for all?


Thursday, September 14th, 2006

For some reason, I thought about faithfulness today. What it means to be faithful fo someone. Or, I suppose, to something. It means to stand by it or them. To have hope and trust in it or them.

Recently, I was sitting outside at work. The building has a lot of glass that reflects the trees very well. I heard a thud. I saw a bird land on the concrete. It had flown into the glass, probably confused, thinking it was heading for a tree that was in reality only a reflection. It was a sad moment. But the next moment was even more sad.

Another bird came and stopped by the bird lying on the pavement. The other bird kinda pecked at it a bit, nudged it, tried to get it to move. Unfortunately, I think the first bird was dead. And I think the second bird was it’s mate. It was a sad moment. The second bird came back a few times, trying to say “wake up” to the first bird. It was not to be. It was a very sad moment.

I think that second bird exhibited faithfulness. It did not give up. It stayed nearby. I watched this scene for maybe 15 minutes, and the second bird never, ever gave up hope. It kept coming back. It kept trying to wake its mate.

It was sad that the first bird died, and the second was left to mourn in some way. But it also showed what faithfulness is, at least to me.

Everyone needs an asshole — and MSNBC sure has one!

Tuesday, September 12th, 2006

Yes, even MSNBC has an asshole. In the form of a pathetic excuse for a news show host by the name of Keith Olbermann. What a poor excuse for a journalist! I (unfortunately and for the last time ever) last night wathched him and his commentary on the US, on terrorism, on the war in Iraq, and on President Bush. His criticism was over the top. Totally uncalled for. Why, he even made Fox’s Bill O’Reilly seem mild by comparison. Now, I know that in a way this asshole Olbermann is just trying to make ratings. Well, I’ll give him the same ratings I give O’Reilly on Fox News–none!  I will not waste my time on so-called news stations that perpetuate such ascerbically unsound on-air people. I have better things to do with my time than to listen to someone on a so-called news channel rant and rave with their extremely slanted, unprofessional, and basically unsupported views.

To MSNBC: get rid of that clown. He just makes you look bad and desperate for ratings (which is probably the case!).  From my view, you look bad, and you’ll not see me watching him again.

To MSNBC and FOX news, I will still tune in to watch Chris Matthews and Brit Hume. Chris at least has a good semblance of neutrality, and Brit just seems very down to earth. Of the two, I think Brit Hume is more of a journalist, but I think Chris Matthews asks the harder questions of both sides.

As for Keith Ober-whats-his-name, he’s a class A, #1, total and complete asshole. Dump him!

America Remembers….

Monday, September 11th, 2006

… or at least, I hope we do. Five years ago today a bunch of criminals killed thousands of innocent civilians in the name of god.  What kind of god do they believe in?  Well, let’s face it, these radical Islamic lunatics believe it’s their mission to wipe us off the face of this earth. They will not give up. We can be all nicey-nice to them, talk about rights, the Geneva Convention, and the like, but they do not care. They don’t follow any rules of humanity. They are animals.

We need to hunt them down, each and every one of them, and rid the face of the earth of them and their kind. Pure and simple, it’s us or them. I vote “us.”

So, we cannot let down our guard. We must be vigilant. We know they’re trying to attack us again. And again. And again. They will not give up easily. We have to use all means at our disposal to hunt them down and eliminate the threat, however we must do it. It may not be pretty, but it needs to be done. Our survival depends on it. The jihadists must go!

“Secret” Prisons…..

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

Well, not so secret anymore. President Bush announced yesterday that the CIA has been holding over a dozen terrorists in “secret” prisons for a number of years, and now they are being transferred to Guantanamo for eventual trial. Secret prisons? I say, “GREAT!”

We need to hunt out terrorists wherever they are, wherever they try to work on their activities. We need to isolate them. We need to get information out of them–however we can. This is important in our war on terror.

It’s them or us. I vote for “us.” We can not afford to let terrorists gain the upper hand. We must use all means at our disposal to find them and prevent future terror. If that means imprisoning them in “secret” prisons, great! If that means listening to phone calls to/from known terrorists, great! If that mean looking at the money trail for terrorist groups, great! If that means shutting down those who reveal our tactics, again, great!

We must do WHATEVER IT TAKES to protect ourselves and our freedom. These Islamic extremists want nothing less than our demise. It’s a fight to the death, and I prefer the death to be theirs!

God bless the USA!

Family Related?

Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

I happily stumbled on your blog tonight.  I ate potato pierogi tonight for dinner.  My mother-in-law’s mainden name was Konieczny.  Do you have any relatives in the Philadelphia, PA area?

Vote, Dammit!

Tuesday, September 5th, 2006

Today is election day here in Florida. For a number of races, it’s the primary election, and the final decisions will be made in November. For a number of local races, it’s decision day, today. No matter what, everyone should get out and vote today.

I am amazed at the apathy of people who think that they cannot make a difference. All it takes is one vote, and your vote could be that one. When people don’t vote, it’s true that it makes my vote even more important. But I’d rather see 100% voter participation in the democratic process….it’s part of the reason my ancestors came to this country–to be free. So, get out today and vote. If you don’t vote, then you have no right to complain, pure and simple.


Food of the gods

Friday, September 1st, 2006

I do a lot or cook book and recipe reading. I watch Food Network on TV incessantly. My friends tell me I’m obsessed with food and cooking. But when I cook something for them, I never hear a complaint, only compliments. (I wonder why!!?!).  Yes, I guess that food and cooking has become a passion of mine. (Note: I did not say “obsession,” only “passion.”) I love to cook (and, lo and behold, I love to eat), and I love to learn about food and cooking.

I think I’ve stumbled upon a “food of the gods.” A food that is nearly perfect in every way. Versatile. Can be held in the hand. Can be eaten in one bite. Freezes well. Goes with almost anything. Actually, goes with anything, depending on the variety. Is nutritious. Is plain ole “good eats.”

What is it?  Pierogi. Yes, pierogi! I think pierogi is the perfect food. Like a little pocket pie, you can fill it with nearly anything, and it’ll taste good. You’re only limited to the fillings you can imagine. Perhaps I’m just hungry at the moment, but I’ll take a good pierogi over any other food item. Yumm!

Food of the gods, for sure!