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Rightly Disillusioned

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

I am disillusioned with Republicans and the Right. Of course, that should come as no surprise. About 10 years ago, I experienced my first great disillusionment with the Democrats: Clinton’s lying, the high taxes I pay, big government, and a host of other things contributed to that. In 2000, for the first time ever, I did not vote for a democrat for president, and in 2004, I voted for a republican. But all have let me down. The self-righteous republicans are as bad as the self-righteous democrats. Where can I turn? They all suck. Politicians in general suck, it seems. Give them a bit of leeway and they just do whatever serves their own interests.

Take the case of Mike McLean, a Seminole County commissioner, newly elected this last election. He campaigned on promises of lean government and change. Yeah, right. The first thing he changed was to spend $8000 of our tax money on new office furniture. Guess he couldn’t govern with the old stuff, huh? Typical politician.
So I remain disillusioned with the left and the right and I’m stuck, I guess. Basically, I am a libertarian. Maybe I just need to hold to those tenets a little more tightly and not prostitute myself with either of the two “mainstream” parties. What do you think?