The peaceful religion of Islam

The peaceful religion of Islam? I cannot find enough sarcasm in the world to add to that word, peaceful, in my first sentence. Islam has shown itself for what it is, a religion of hatred, invective, self-centeredness, and godlessness.

Recently the Pope made some remarks and quoted some very old remarks that were less than complimentary towards Islam. Though he was only speaking the truth, there was an outcry–by Islamic fascists.  The Pope issued an apology. The Islamic fascists apparently don’t understand that. There is still an outcry, a charge to kill christians and to wreak havoc among Christendom.

I have never, ever, not even once, seen a demonstration by Islamists which was a demonstration calling for peace. Not once. Rarely, I do read about isolated incidents where one or another Muslim calls for peace, but where does that go? Nowhere. It seems to be mostly lip service to me.

I cannot find any evidence that today’s radical, Islamic fascists are peace-loving or peaceful. They are filled with hatred and violence, and as such, must be dealt with in kind. Let those Muslims who are peaceful stand up and stand aside, so they don’t get caught up in the hijack of their formerly great religion. Islam is no longer a great religion, it’s a cover for murderers and thugs. Too bad, so sad. Live by the sword, die by the sword–we can only hope!

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