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What are You Thankful for Today?

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

Today is Thanksgiving Day, 2007. Have you taken a bit of time to think of the things you should be thankful for?

Life may not always seem evenĀ or fair. And it’s not. We often have to deal the hand we’re dealt. Different people grow up in different families, learn different things, have different customs. You may have a good work ethic because of your family–or not. You may have been taught honesty and integrity as a child–or not. Still, at least in this country, you do have the opportunity to learn these things, if you take it.

In the end, you have only yourself to ultimately thank or blame for your lot in life. The newspapers are full of stories of those who are born into lowly circumstances with a seemingly huge wall of disadvantages facing them, and yet struggle and succeed in overcoming those disadvantage. What you have in life is what you’ve made of it.

Thus, this Thanksgiving day, what you have to be thankful for is, in large part, due to yourself. You’ve done it, you’ve earned it, and you’ve the right to give thanks.

So, I recommend you take a self-inventory today. Yes, you can be thankful for the “good” thinks life has given you. But, ultimately, whatever you make of life, you have yourself to thank or blame as the final arbiter. You’ve made your choices. I hope they’re good ones and give you lots to be thankful for. And where your choices have not been the best, you have opportunity for improvement…and maybe something new to be thankful for on Thanksgiving Day 2008!

War Hits Home

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

The war in Iraq hit close to home for me today. I received word that my third cousin, Second Lieutenant Tracy Alger, was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq last week. Sad news. Sad for her family and friends. Sad for all of us, even though I did not know here and, as far as I know, never met her.

Sad as I am, I am also proud. Proud that her and other ancestors and relatives of mine have worked so hard to preserve the freedom and liberty that we enjoy. It’s the reason that her great-grandfather and mine–brothers–came to this country in the very early 1900s and worked hard. Without their hard work, we wouldn’t be here. And without the hard work and sacrifice–and sometimes the supreme sacrifice–of others, we’d not have and perserve all that we have now. I am proud. Sad, yes, but also proud.

Too Little, Too Late for George

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

George Bush was right to veto the latest pork-ridden spending spree bill from Congress. Something like $32 Billion of pork barrel projects were added to the bill–that’s a lot of pork. But this is an election year and Congress is liable to override it. What a bunch of losers. Don’t you realize that its your money and my money that they’re throwing around, just to look good.

George Bush has allowed Congress to spend money like a group of drunken sailors for years. He has done nothing until now to reign in all this careless spending. As a matter of fact, the Republicans have outdone the Democrats when it comes to increasing spending. Now he wants to call a halt? Too little, too late, George.

I was struck by the epitomy of this in a biased article in the local Orlando Sentinel (call it the Slantinel….). It said that among the items vetoed was some millions of dollars from the federal governemnt for restoration of the everglades. It said, Florida thus would not get it’s fair share! Fair Share? It’s a Florida problem, why should those of you living in Oregon, Massachetts, or Arkansas have to spend money for our problem. Let the state do it. It’s just an indcation of the misplaced priorities of most people. We expect the federal goverment to do it all for us, because we’re use to it. Time to reign back the spending and push such local priorities back to the local level.

George: let me keep more of my money and direct where it goes on a local and state level. Keep the federal goverment out of our business and let us have our money back! You and Congress are just a bunch of money-grabbing, big spending thieves. Shame on you!