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More about his a$$holiness

Saturday, February 23rd, 2008

The despot Burke is running wild again. I just learned a bit more about him. Seems like a coach for a catholic university in St. Louis has run afoul of the a$$hole…. He had a personal opinion and gave it. The coach was being interviewed by a local station and asked about his political views. Among the things he said he supported was choice about abortion and stem cell research.

Whoa! A personal opinion that’s contrary to the outdated teaching of the catholic hierarchy. Burke wants this man disciplined because he works for a catholic university. Burke would refuse to give him communion.

Come on! Burke is out of touch with reality. A real despot! Well, one day (the sooner the better in my opinion) Burke will meet his maker. I’d like to be a fly on the wall there as Burke gets his walking papers. It’s gonna be hot where he’s headed for eternity.

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The Catholic Church has it’s own A$$hole

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Yes, the Catholic Church has it’s own asshole, and he lives in the guise of the Archbishop of St. Louis. Many years ago, a previous Archbishop of St. Louis gave the Polish Settlers and congregation of St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Church a perpetual deed to their buildings and land. In essence this previous Archbishop gave the church to the people, in perpetuity.

Over the years the people of St. Stanislaus worked hard and built and maintained a beautiful church. Not once did the archdiocese have to help support this church. It’s members, many who were Polish immigrants or their children and descendents, the members were totally self-supportive, and gave yearly to the support of the diocese.

As time went on, the church and it’s land became valuable. Well, the good fortune of the poeple of the diocese of LaCrossee became the bad fortune of the people of St. Stanislaus–the bishop of LaCrosse–despised by many of the people there–fortunately moved on and was replaced by a saintly man. Unfortunately for St. Louis, this same man went there to become it’s Archbishop where he has tried all manner of tactics to steal the valuable parish of St. Stanislaus from its people. Luckily, Poles are no stranger to dictators, criminals, and hustlers. Poles are made of stronger stuff. The people of St. Stanislaus have persevered and have held strong against the tactics of the Asshole of St. Louis–er, I mean, the Archbishop of St. Louis. Shame on you, Ray Burke. I remember you as an asshole years ago when I knew you and knew of you. You have not changed. Your power-hungry ways have sent you far in the Catholic Church, but one day you will be judged and judged harshly by the god you pretent to serve. You’ve forgotten who the church is–the people. And you’ve forgotten your charge to serve them. Shame on you.

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And pray, pray for the liberation of the people held hostage by a money hungry, class A, number one asshole.