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Scare Tactics

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

It’s happening now. Politicians and organizations are trying to scare you and me. All over this silly Ammendment 1. Ammendment 1 is on the Florida ballot for next Tuesday. Last I heard is some lawyers saying that if you vote for it, they won’t be able to prosecute criminals.


First, I will probably vote against it because I believe the state has not business telling counties how they should tax. If we want lower property taxes, we should take it up with our county govenmnent. But, if the ammendment does pass and counties are forced to cut back, the county will have to decide what services to cut back. Among the choices they have:

  • Quit using uniformed officers as chaffeurs for county board members.
  • Fewer junkets and taxpayer funded “working” vacations.
  • Only two supervisors to watch while someone does actual work instead of three.
  • Pine desk and orange crate bookshelves for county offices instead of the finest mohogany my money can buy.
  • Less “studies” and more actual work being done.
  • Fire the unfriendly, unhelpful Driver License bureau clerks—Oops! That might be all of them!
  • Quit repaving newly paved roads “just because.”
  • Charge people for trash by the pound (watch conservation pick up!).
  • Seven or eight paid holidays intead of well over a dozen–so much more productivity.
  • Fire slackers instead of promoting them (give a good example to business).

It’s easy to save taxes if we really try. And we don’t need no stinkin’ ammendment to the constitution to do it. Sorry, Charlie, you’re wrong on this one…..