“Secret” Prisons…..

Well, not so secret anymore. President Bush announced yesterday that the CIA has been holding over a dozen terrorists in “secret” prisons for a number of years, and now they are being transferred to Guantanamo for eventual trial. Secret prisons? I say, “GREAT!”

We need to hunt out terrorists wherever they are, wherever they try to work on their activities. We need to isolate them. We need to get information out of them–however we can. This is important in our war on terror.

It’s them or us. I vote for “us.” We can not afford to let terrorists gain the upper hand. We must use all means at our disposal to find them and prevent future terror. If that means imprisoning them in “secret” prisons, great! If that means listening to phone calls to/from known terrorists, great! If that mean looking at the money trail for terrorist groups, great! If that means shutting down those who reveal our tactics, again, great!

We must do WHATEVER IT TAKES to protect ourselves and our freedom. These Islamic extremists want nothing less than our demise. It’s a fight to the death, and I prefer the death to be theirs!

God bless the USA!

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