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A year later and not much better

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

Well, Obama made a lot of campaign promises, but the road he’s traveled so far seems to be littered with excuses, broken promises, and a general mayhem of sidestepping issues. The promised openness of the governments processes has not happened.

The most recent example: On the campaign trail, Obama repeatedly promised to bring openness to the healthcare debate. Now he’s going with the “closed doors” plan of the bandits who are leading the healthcare debate. So much for promises.

It’s been a year, we’ve spent over a trillion dollars, unemployment is still very high, and, though the stock market has made some modest gains, all we have out of Washington is spending more money, taking us more, and spending our future today. The next round of elections will be very interesting. I say it’s time to throw the bums out. Elect all new blood in the Congress. Don’t reelect ANY incumbents from either side of the aisle. A general housecleaning is sorely need it. Let’s get to it!