Food of the gods

I do a lot or cook book and recipe reading. I watch Food Network on TV incessantly. My friends tell me I’m obsessed with food and cooking. But when I cook something for them, I never hear a complaint, only compliments. (I wonder why!!?!).  Yes, I guess that food and cooking has become a passion of mine. (Note: I did not say “obsession,” only “passion.”) I love to cook (and, lo and behold, I love to eat), and I love to learn about food and cooking.

I think I’ve stumbled upon a “food of the gods.” A food that is nearly perfect in every way. Versatile. Can be held in the hand. Can be eaten in one bite. Freezes well. Goes with almost anything. Actually, goes with anything, depending on the variety. Is nutritious. Is plain ole “good eats.”

What is it?  Pierogi. Yes, pierogi! I think pierogi is the perfect food. Like a little pocket pie, you can fill it with nearly anything, and it’ll taste good. You’re only limited to the fillings you can imagine. Perhaps I’m just hungry at the moment, but I’ll take a good pierogi over any other food item. Yumm!

Food of the gods, for sure!

One Response to “Food of the gods”

  1. Christine says:

    Hello Leon,

    I just stumbled across your site. I live outside of Lublin, WI. Just wanted to say hello!