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No Longer My Idol

Friday, January 26th, 2007

American Idol is no longer my Idol. Now, I may watch it as it gets down to the finals and there is some real talent to be seen…that’s entertainment. But I caught some of the first two shows, where they do the so-called initial auditions. Sometimes, they are just downright cruel. Most of all Simon, but Randy and even, at times, Paula. To tell some of these characters that they can’t sing is the truth–and a good thing. But to make fun of people who are trying hard…. that’s really despicable.

I see in the news where the other night they were really making fun of a few people. I looked a the clips on You Tube. The judges were not very nice, and the camera work, the shots, what’s included and what’s not… all are just designed forĀ  ratings and sensationalism, without any regard for the dignity of the people trying out. There needs to be a line between sense and sensational, and American Idol has crossed it. Shame on them. Shame!

Traitorous Tendencies

Saturday, January 20th, 2007

Count me as another one in the category of “unfavorable” if I was asked to voice my level of approval for the job George Bush is doing as president. And what do I base most of my unsatisfactory rating on? Well, Iraq is a part of it, but more than that, it’s the disloyalty of Bush and his administration to the conservative values of lowering taxes. Sure, there was a big show in his first term of limiting taxes, and reducing some. I felt it, and it was good. But overall, Bush and the Republicans have grown the government and increased federal spending. Where does that money come from? Me. And you. From us. In the form of taxes.

The latest fiasco is his supposed proposal on health care. I’m glad that he’s proposing that certain workers with little or no health insurance will get a tax break. But at what cost? Well, he’s proposing that those who have a good, comprehensive program now pay taxes on some of it. It looks like Bush is talking about surreptitiously raising taxes. Boo. Boo…. Bad idea.

Bush is being a traitor to his supposed conservative values. I’m afraid if he keeps this up, history will judge him harshly, and rightly so. He needs to lower taxes for all, and keep lowering them. Shrink the government. Reduce federal spending. Give me more of my hard earned income.

Shame on you, George W. Bush. Shame on you!

Send in the Troops

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

I agree that things are not going well in Iraq. I think that we really are “barking up the wrong tree” when we try to force democracy on a bunch of semi-barbarians that want to rule by brute force and use religious fervor as their war cry. I don’t think democracy will work for them. But hey, we tried. Now it’s time to work on extricating ourselves from their mess. We gave it our best shot, what more can we do.

Do I want to see us send more troops into Iraq? Definitely not. But then again, I’m no general. So while I’m opposed to it, we elected George Bush to lead, and so let him lead. If he thinks it’ll help, who the heck am I to second guess him. It’s a good thing we live in a republic and not a democracy. We elected him to lead, let him lead, for better or worse.

But overall, I hope and pray that we extricate ourselves from the mess we call Iraq as soon as we can. Hopefully they (the Iraqis) can make a go of it. If not, we’ve given it our best shot. If so, great!