Everyone needs an asshole — and MSNBC sure has one!

Yes, even MSNBC has an asshole. In the form of a pathetic excuse for a news show host by the name of Keith Olbermann. What a poor excuse for a journalist! I (unfortunately and for the last time ever) last night wathched him and his commentary on the US, on terrorism, on the war in Iraq, and on President Bush. His criticism was over the top. Totally uncalled for. Why, he even made Fox’s Bill O’Reilly seem mild by comparison. Now, I know that in a way this asshole Olbermann is just trying to make ratings. Well, I’ll give him the same ratings I give O’Reilly on Fox News–none!  I will not waste my time on so-called news stations that perpetuate such ascerbically unsound on-air people. I have better things to do with my time than to listen to someone on a so-called news channel rant and rave with their extremely slanted, unprofessional, and basically unsupported views.

To MSNBC: get rid of that clown. He just makes you look bad and desperate for ratings (which is probably the case!).  From my view, you look bad, and you’ll not see me watching him again.

To MSNBC and FOX news, I will still tune in to watch Chris Matthews and Brit Hume. Chris at least has a good semblance of neutrality, and Brit just seems very down to earth. Of the two, I think Brit Hume is more of a journalist, but I think Chris Matthews asks the harder questions of both sides.

As for Keith Ober-whats-his-name, he’s a class A, #1, total and complete asshole. Dump him!

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