Unfortunately, it seems to me that respect is a virtue that is sorely lacking in today’s society. This really came to light as I reflected on some comments in an email exchange lately. I mentioned that I thought that people get what they voted for. My sister emailed back and said that she voted for George Bush and got an idiot.

It’s one thing to disagree with a political figure, even to disagree vehemently. But to call someone like our President and idiote seems to show a basic lack of respect. In truth, a majority of the voting public voted for this man. I doubt if there’s anyone who will agree with every stand that the president takes, but  he is the leader of our nation. If we can’t give him the respect that his office deserves, how can we expect other nations and world leaders to respect him? I we don’t give him fitting respect–even in the face of disagreement with his policies–don’t we undermine the very foundation of our nation: respect for all?

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