Decoration Day 2007

May 28th, 2007

Today is Memorial Day. In the past, it was called Decoration Day, because it was a day to remember and decorate the graves of those soldiers who gave their lives for our country. It was also a day where people visited other graves of their ancestors as well, and laid wreaths, flowers, and gave other tributes.

My ancestors have been in this country since 1886 at the earliest, as far as I know, with the arrival of my grandfather at the ripe old age of 6! Other ancestors came later, some as late as the the first decade of the 1900s. I am not sure if any of them served in World War I. None that I recall. But a number of them have served in the armed forces since, including service in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq. I am proud, very proud, of all my ancestors and relatives who’ve served in the armed forces. My father is a veteran of the Korean Conflict. One uncle served in Vietnam, another in the Navy in World War II, another uncle in the Pacific–he’s a survivor of some of the most brutal fighting ever and never talks about it. An aunt served in World War II. And others have served in “peacetime,” too.

My great uncle, Andrew Szczech, gave his life for our country in Normandy, France, in 1944. He was 23.

Today I remember all those brave people decendants of some poor Polish immigrants who came to this country seeking a better place for their families. They found it. And some have paid the price for the great freedoms we enjoy. And perhaps in the future, others will pay that same price, all to ensure our freedom. I hope we never take it for granted.

Jimmy Carter: Poster child for Failure

May 21st, 2007

Over the weekend, ex-president Jimmy Carter had the audacity to criticize President Bush and call him the worst president this century, or something like that. How do Americans feel? Let’s look at the Facts

  Carter Bush
Highest Approval Rating 75% 90%
Lowest Approval Rating 28% 31%
Average Approval Rating 47% 55%


Hmm… What does the above tell you? Carter is the president who couldn’t bring our hostages back from Iran, the president who ushered in (started the march to) the high mortgage interest rates of the 80s.

I hate to admit it, but I voted for Carter. I regret that fact to this day. Carter should keep his big mouth shut and fade into oblivion where he belongs. The facts speak for themselves.


Falwell’s passing a victory over bigotry and intolerance

May 18th, 2007

Sorry to say it, but I cannot mourn the death of (the so-called Reverend) Jerry Falwell. To me he was a sign of bigotry, intolerance, and hatred, a symbol of the worst of what’s called the “right.”

Jerry Falwell has now met his maker–or maybe not. Hopefully now he knows the truth about hatred, and hopefully he’s paying the price for his sin. He was extremely intolerant of gays, leading a crusade based on ignorance, contempt, and intolerance. Unfortunately, as a public figure, he had a lot of sway, and he influenced thousands, millions of people–and that influence was for the bad

Yes, I think his passing was a good thing, removal of an intolerant leader. He wasn’t that old. Hopefully, Christians will see this as Jesus taking him away “early” to get him out of our lives and to break his influence. I can’t say he was a good man. I can’t say he was a just man. I can only say he was ignorant and intolerant, and I’m glad he’s not around to influence people any more. I don’t celebrate the passing of any person, as I think life is precious. But I won’t miss him, not one bit. My sympathy to his family and friends, they’ve lost a loved one. But he was a symbol of much that is bad about the religious right, and his loss is a good thing in that regard.

Orlando’s Ridiculousity

May 17th, 2007

Today’s news is that Orlando had it’s 24th and 25th murders of the year. That’s a record pace. And last year, Orlando trounced the old record for murders by a wide margin. The tourist industry is wringing its hands over this, because it seems Orlando is not that safe of a city. Congressman Keller is touting the billions of dollars the feds are giving to local police agencies to hire more officers.

So how does Orlando spend it’s valuable police time? Well, the other big story is that after a 5 year investigation, they’ve “smashed” a call girl ring. Seems some couple had 7 or 9 high paid call girls that services some local officials and sports figures. Now let me get this straight…. The cops are spending their time setting up appointments with call girls (and you know they do more than just “talk”) to bust some girls and folks that are making big bucks because a bunch of people with money want to pay for sex?  Meanwhile, the murder rate is astronomically climbing?

I’m glad I don’t live in Orlando or Orange County, as it seems we have some misplaced priorities there. Instead of making the streets safe for citizens, they’re keeping some high-roller politicos from getting expensive blow jobs?  Sheesh!

Political Correctness run amok — again!

April 9th, 2007

Yes, it’s happened again. And as a result, I suggest that you do not shop at the Millenia Mall in Orlando, and contact the headquarters of all the big store located there to complain.

It seems the the mall did not want to offend anyone, so this year they had a Spring Bunny in the mall in the weeks leading up to Easter. No mention of Easter. Just the Spring Bunny. Talk about confusing kids, too! 

 Oh, by the way, the Millenia Mall was closed for Easter Sunday. Pretty gosh darned ironic, isn’t it??

Rightly Disillusioned

March 14th, 2007

I am disillusioned with Republicans and the Right. Of course, that should come as no surprise. About 10 years ago, I experienced my first great disillusionment with the Democrats: Clinton’s lying, the high taxes I pay, big government, and a host of other things contributed to that. In 2000, for the first time ever, I did not vote for a democrat for president, and in 2004, I voted for a republican. But all have let me down. The self-righteous republicans are as bad as the self-righteous democrats. Where can I turn? They all suck. Politicians in general suck, it seems. Give them a bit of leeway and they just do whatever serves their own interests.

Take the case of Mike McLean, a Seminole County commissioner, newly elected this last election. He campaigned on promises of lean government and change. Yeah, right. The first thing he changed was to spend $8000 of our tax money on new office furniture. Guess he couldn’t govern with the old stuff, huh? Typical politician.
So I remain disillusioned with the left and the right and I’m stuck, I guess. Basically, I am a libertarian. Maybe I just need to hold to those tenets a little more tightly and not prostitute myself with either of the two “mainstream” parties. What do you think?

Illegal Aliens

February 28th, 2007

Illegal aliens, illegal aliens, illegal aliens, illegal aliens, illegal aliens, illegal aliens, illegal aliens,

There! I said it. Florida and the rest of the country is full of illegal aliens. What does that mean? Illegal = not legal, against the law. Alien = belonging to or owing allegiance to another country. We are full of non US citizens who have entered this country illegally. They are illegal aliens.

Now some bleeding heart nut case of a state legislator here in Florida, Sen. Frederica Wilson, wants to make the term “illegal alien” illegal itself. She doesn’t like the word “alien” and would prefer “immigrant.” What, is she totally nuts? What is an immigrant? A person who takes up residence in another country, yes. But they are not here legally. What the hell is with these people we elect. What the hell is the matter with us for electing them, for that matter. Sheesh! There must be better things for an elected lawmaker to do, than to worry that we might “hurt the feelings” of some one who’s breaking the law. Too damn bad.


February 27th, 2007

We have a weekly staff meeting with my boss and part of my team. We have projects were working on an various things for discussion. At the end there’s a round-table–we go around and everyone has a chance to bring up topics. Finally, at the end, he asks if there’s any do-overs. In other words, something forgotten, passed by, or needing more discussion.

Life is not like that. We live the road we’ve traveled, and it’s pointless to wonder “what if” I had the chance to do it over. What if I had taken this turn instead of that? What if….

I watched a 1973 movie called “That Certain Summer” last night. I never saw it before. But I wonder, what would I have done, how would it have affected my life, if I had seen this in 1973. At the time, I was a ‘wet behind the ears’ college student, not really understanding who I was or where I was going in life. When I look back, I can’t help but wonder, “what if I’d seen this film….” But, live has no do-overs. What about the film? Look it up!

No-News News

February 9th, 2007

I am struck by the lack of real news on TV, especially the cable news channels–and I mean ALL of them. First, this past week they dwelled on the story of the Astronaut who came to Florida to kidnap or assault or maybe kill another astronaut due to a love triangle of some sort. Then it was the Anna Nicole Story. Sheesh! Enough. I really don’t care. True, the local news is full of it as are the Internet web sites. But the local news is thankfully brief, and on the Internet news web sites, at least I can click through to avoid the overly sensationalistic stories and look for real news.

I don’t know, I think cable news will die if it keeps this up. What about real news? Who cares about Anna Nicole. They are glamorizing a life and lifestyle that ended in premature death. By glamorizing it, young people may look up to it and try to imitate it. Sure, they think they’re smarter than to be caught dying prematurely. Little do they know…..

Boo to cable new for their overly sensationalistic reporting. They truly are going the route of no-news news. Shame!

No Longer My Idol

January 26th, 2007

American Idol is no longer my Idol. Now, I may watch it as it gets down to the finals and there is some real talent to be seen…that’s entertainment. But I caught some of the first two shows, where they do the so-called initial auditions. Sometimes, they are just downright cruel. Most of all Simon, but Randy and even, at times, Paula. To tell some of these characters that they can’t sing is the truth–and a good thing. But to make fun of people who are trying hard…. that’s really despicable.

I see in the news where the other night they were really making fun of a few people. I looked a the clips on You Tube. The judges were not very nice, and the camera work, the shots, what’s included and what’s not… all are just designed for  ratings and sensationalism, without any regard for the dignity of the people trying out. There needs to be a line between sense and sensational, and American Idol has crossed it. Shame on them. Shame!