No-News News

I am struck by the lack of real news on TV, especially the cable news channels–and I mean ALL of them. First, this past week they dwelled on the story of the Astronaut who came to Florida to kidnap or assault or maybe kill another astronaut due to a love triangle of some sort. Then it was the Anna Nicole Story. Sheesh! Enough. I really don’t care. True, the local news is full of it as are the Internet web sites. But the local news is thankfully brief, and on the Internet news web sites, at least I can click through to avoid the overly sensationalistic stories and look for real news.

I don’t know, I think cable news will die if it keeps this up. What about real news? Who cares about Anna Nicole. They are glamorizing a life and lifestyle that ended in premature death. By glamorizing it, young people may look up to it and try to imitate it. Sure, they think they’re smarter than to be caught dying prematurely. Little do they know…..

Boo to cable new for their overly sensationalistic reporting. They truly are going the route of no-news news. Shame!

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