Orlando’s Ridiculousity

Today’s news is that Orlando had it’s 24th and 25th murders of the year. That’s a record pace. And last year, Orlando trounced the old record for murders by a wide margin. The tourist industry is wringing its hands over this, because it seems Orlando is not that safe of a city. Congressman Keller is touting the billions of dollars the feds are giving to local police agencies to hire more officers.

So how does Orlando spend it’s valuable police time? Well, the other big story is that after a 5 year investigation, they’ve “smashed” a call girl ring. Seems some couple had 7 or 9 high paid call girls that services some local officials and sports figures. Now let me get this straight…. The cops are spending their time setting up appointments with call girls (and you know they do more than just “talk”) to bust some girls and folks that are making big bucks because a bunch of people with money want to pay for sex?  Meanwhile, the murder rate is astronomically climbing?

I’m glad I don’t live in Orlando or Orange County, as it seems we have some misplaced priorities there. Instead of making the streets safe for citizens, they’re keeping some high-roller politicos from getting expensive blow jobs?  Sheesh!

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