No Longer My Idol

American Idol is no longer my Idol. Now, I may watch it as it gets down to the finals and there is some real talent to be seen…that’s entertainment. But I caught some of the first two shows, where they do the so-called initial auditions. Sometimes, they are just downright cruel. Most of all Simon, but Randy and even, at times, Paula. To tell some of these characters that they can’t sing is the truth–and a good thing. But to make fun of people who are trying hard…. that’s really despicable.

I see in the news where the other night they were really making fun of a few people. I looked a the clips on You Tube. The judges were not very nice, and the camera work, the shots, what’s included and what’s not… all are just designed forĀ  ratings and sensationalism, without any regard for the dignity of the people trying out. There needs to be a line between sense and sensational, and American Idol has crossed it. Shame on them. Shame!

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