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The State of the Union is…. screwed??

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Watched Obama give a well-polished State of the Union speech last night. One thing he mentioned (and demonstrated) was that our students are not doing well in math and science. He promised to fix that. He could start with his own math….

 On the one hand, he called for holding the line on spending and not borrowing any more money–I applaud that. On the other hand, ever other sentence was a call to spend money—roads, infrastructure, energy, schools, education, etc. Everywhere he wants to spend money. Where’s he gonna get it? Most likely out of his ass, because it seems that’s where his head is at.

He called for an end to earmarks and vowed that he would not sign a single bill that came to his desk and had earmarks in it. Well now, that’s an easy promise to keep because the Republicans have already promised not to send him any bills with earmarks in them! He really is picking the low-hanging fruit there.

He talked about Iran just a bit, but forgot to mention how little progress we’re making in getting them to hold the line in nuclear development. Big talk in the past, but glossed over last night because he is making little progress.

Big news: he wants to increase taxes on those who create jobs, so that they can create less jobs. C’mon Obama, get your head out of your ass and come up for some air. The uber-rich don’t make money and don’t pay taxes anyhow. How about implementing the Fair Tax where everyone is taxed according to what they spend, now what they make. Then the uber-rich will actually end up playing a huge amount of taxes! The current income tax situation is blatantly unfair and only serves to punish those who work. The harder you work and the more you make, the bigger percentage of taxes you pay. And those with low paying or no jobs get all the same benefits I do–without paying much if anything at all.

So, Obama, you need to wake up. You were sent a message in this last election and if you don’t get it, you’ll get a message in the next one, and then hopefully unemployment will go up by one–you!


Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

I watch with some humor the current meltdown of Obama and the democratic party. It really is quite funny. The democrats took control of Congress in 2007, and in these past 4 years, they have managed to run the economy into the ground, sell the future of our children by saddling them with a huge debt, and putting about 5% of all working people out of a job.

Obama apparently thinks that after two years, he can still use the “it’s Bush’s fault” ploy. But when Bush took office and the economy started to tank, he didn’t blame Clinton, he took the bull by the horn, cut taxes, and got us out of that situation. Obama has decided to try to tax and spend us out of his situation, and where has it got us? Record unemployment continues, the deficit is at an all time high, and the hoped for recovery is but a small spot on the horizon.

It’s truly time to throw the bums out. Get rid of all Congressmen, democrat and republican alike–they are all drinking at the trough of public money. Bring in  fresh blood and lets’ get this country back on track. We need fiscally conservativeness, and social liberality. The Libertarian Party really is the only party that truly understands just what is needed to get us back on track!

More of the same…

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

How sad. Obama want’s to kick some ass over the BP oil disaster. I can tell him where to start: his own. He was asleep at the helm. He should have been on this on day one. Lots of words come from his mouth: “oh me…,”  oh my!” “What shall we do?” “Someone will pay!” “It’s Bush’s fault.” “I can’t be bothered.”

And of course, the most important quote: “Who’s up for a foresome…time for some golf!”

Sorry, no Obama fan here, the man is not an executive and does not know how to manage. And first and foremost, he refuses to accept any responsibility. Time for a change. Vote this fall, start the process of turning the bums (=incumbents) out!

Obama Fiddled….

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

…while the Gulf of Mexico became a giant viniagrette, and a poor tasting one at that. The Obama administration’s response to the oil spill disaster in the Gulf has been pitifully slow in developing and the mainstream media quite slow in pointing this out. What a surprise, I trust neither. We need an all out assault on this environmental catastrophe yesterday, not tomorrow. And still we’re slow to respond. What a shame. Give Obama another F in another string of failures….

A year later and not much better

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

Well, Obama made a lot of campaign promises, but the road he’s traveled so far seems to be littered with excuses, broken promises, and a general mayhem of sidestepping issues. The promised openness of the governments processes has not happened.

The most recent example: On the campaign trail, Obama repeatedly promised to bring openness to the healthcare debate. Now he’s going with the “closed doors” plan of the bandits who are leading the healthcare debate. So much for promises.

It’s been a year, we’ve spent over a trillion dollars, unemployment is still very high, and, though the stock market has made some modest gains, all we have out of Washington is spending more money, taking us more, and spending our future today. The next round of elections will be very interesting. I say it’s time to throw the bums out. Elect all new blood in the Congress. Don’t reelect ANY incumbents from either side of the aisle. A general housecleaning is sorely need it. Let’s get to it!

Eve of Destruction

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Lots of hoopla around Obama’s coronation….er, I mean, inauguration tomorrow. Not sure why a song from the protest movement of the 60s came into my head, but there are some analogies to be drawn.

Tomorrow marks a new day in American politics, I’m sure of that. Only history will be able to judge it, after the fact. But it has me worried. The economy sucks. We’ve poured billions into it, and now Obama wants billions more– $800 billion I’m told. But the lingering question is, who is going to pay for that, where will that money come from. Yes, he plans on taxing the rich more. Well, then I suppose they’ll just quit buying expensive stuff and we won’t need worker to make that stuff. And the rich will quit hiring maids and servants, quit going out to eat as much, and quit spending their money taking risks and starting businesses.

Now, there certainly are some who are rich to excess, but they have the lawyers that keep them from paying the big bucks in taxes anyhow (and they are pretty cozy with congress too, dontcha know!) So I guess I”ll be paying for this–for a long, long time. I just don’t know how you can manufacture money and not pay a price for that.

So, are we on the eve of destruction? I just don’t know. I sure hope not. I hope Obama can inspire and change things. But what will it cost? I don’t know, and I doubt he does either. Time to pray!

Angry Women!

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Apparently, equal pay for equal work, equal rights, women’s rights, etc., are not enough today for the so-called “modern woman.” I’m referring to those women who consider themselves progressive, liberated, and gender-speaking, equal.

First off, I wholeheartedly agree that gender should not and does not matter for squat on most issue (except mayby “potty parity”). I am and have always been a stauch supporter of the rights of all people and am amazed at those who are gender-biased–I am not.

That said, I am amazed a the number of women who consider themselves “liberated” and yet seem to have disdain for the Repbulican vice-presidential candidate, Sarah Palin. Their arguements run from the absurd to the insane. “She’s from a small town” is the argument my sister uses. Huh? Does size matter? Most men would say no! (LOL–ok, that’s just a joke).

What’s happened? Animal Farm, all over again. “All animals are created equal, but some are more equal than others.” If you’re a conservative women, you can’t be for women’s rights? That seems to be the argument of women on the left. So because Sarah Palin may be against abortion (for example), that automatically disqualifies her as a liberated woman? Come on, get with the show. Sarah Palin was the mayor of a small town, but then did advance to be come governor of a state. Maybe not a huge state, but she’s certainly had more executive management experience than either Barack Obama or Joe Biden. Or John McCain for that matter.

So there seem to be a lot of angry women out there who are “mad” at Sarah Palin. But what’s their real issue? I belive their real issue is that Hillary is not running! They were looking for a woman from the left to move into the forefront in national politics. Well, a woman did, but she’s a conservative. Politics as usual. Unfortunately the politics of the left often plays on emotion and rhetoric, and not facts.

 If you want to criticize Palin, criticise her for her political stands, not that fact that she’s a mother to her children, a governor of a state, and now running for vice president of the United States. Or mayby all those angry women on the left are just a bit jealous…. think about it!

Bush Fiddled

Friday, September 19th, 2008

I am afraid that while Rome was burning, the emperor was fiddling. I’m referring to the current state of the economy and the stewardship of it by President Bush. I cannot say he’s done a good job lately. I do believe that he inherited an economy that had peaked and was headed down, and eventually managed to right that. We enjoyed a number of years of low unemployment and modest stock market gains. And then we had the housing bubble. The warning signs were there, why didn’t he and his administration take heed (too busy worrying about the war in Iraq? Methinks so, tunnel vision)? It was unreasonable to expect that housing could continue it’s amazing streak of wild appreciation. And then when it collapsed, he fiddled, he did nothing. Now they’re bailing out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The latest is a bailout of AIG.


Investors take risks. The people responsible took a risk–and lost. And now I am going to have to pay to bail them out. Unconscionable. That’s just plain wrong. Why should my sensibleness in investing be punished when stupid investing is being rewarded? Bush no longer gets any sort of vote of confidence from me. I support the war in Iraq, but overall, Bush is getting an F from me. He fiddled while Rome burned. Shame!

Smiling Politicians

Friday, September 12th, 2008

You know, one thing that really scares me about John McCain is his smile. Now in all honesty, he has a good smile, a very nice smile, a broad smile. But it seems so automatic. When I watch  him in action, talking to people, working the crowd, I’m struck by how when he’s not talking (and especially when there are cameras around), as soon as he’s done talking, out comes the big ole’ smile. For some reason, I have a hard time looking at that. I guess that I know that as a policitian, he’d be giving me a big ole smile at the same time he was f***ing me up the *ss!  Yes, all politicians do that, but he’s so good at smiling while doing that. At least Obama doesn’t keep turning on that big ole smile. Now to be honest, he’s not been a politician long enough to get the ego big enough to allow him to do that. Give him time, and I’m sure he’ll learn how to do it.

Well, I’m confident that, whoever’s elected in this go-round, I’ll get screwed. Just not sure how big the smile will be. Cynical, you say? No, just realistic.

Avoid Courtesy Ford like the Plague!

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

Oh my, I am so steamed. Two years ago I took my car to Courtesy Ford in Sanford for service and a check up. They recommended all kinds of things including new front brakes. I had them do the new front brakes (big mistake here), but had the other work done elsewhere. That was at about 45,000 miles, two years ago. I track my mileage. Almost immediate my average mileage dropped from 17.5 mpg to about 15.5 mpg. I also got new tires at the time. I noticed a lot more brake dust–substantially more–collecting on the front wheels after this change (brake job, new tires, new fromt ball joints, etc.). I asked the Ford dealer about it and they said it was normal, even though more than in the past. They insisted there was nothing wrong.

Today I have another 20,000 miles on the car. Courtesy Ford just called and told me my front brakes are in the red! What?? Are they friggin’ nuts? They only lasted 20,000 miles? He said maybe my driving habits changed–they have not. He said the ones they installed were done correctly and were exactly like the factory originals. How can that be? On the factory originals I got 45,000 miles and didn’t have all that brake dust and got better mileage!  Something is wrong here and I’ll never, ever, take my vehicle there again, i swear it.

The guy on the phone was not very sympathetic and certainly would not admit that they could have done something wrong or used inferior parts or anything, but the evidence is to the contrary. It’s obvious they did something wrong. They either used inferior parts or did it wrong or something, but a brake job should last more than 20,000 miles–my driving habits have not changed in the past 7 years. That is totally ridiculous! I am so steamed. I can’t wait to take my car somewhere reputable where they actually do good work rather than try to spend their time trying to sell me stuff I don’t really need. Geez!

Here’s the mileage over the years. Notice the dramatic change when I took my car to Courtesy for new brakes at about 45,000 miles, only two years (and 20,000 additional miles) ago:


Do not under and circumstances take your vehicle to Courtesy Ford in Sanford. They’ll screw you like they’ve screwed me.