Eve of Destruction

Lots of hoopla around Obama’s coronation….er, I mean, inauguration tomorrow. Not sure why a song from the protest movement of the 60s came into my head, but there are some analogies to be drawn.

Tomorrow marks a new day in American politics, I’m sure of that. Only history will be able to judge it, after the fact. But it has me worried. The economy sucks. We’ve poured billions into it, and now Obama wants billions more– $800 billion I’m told. But the lingering question is, who is going to pay for that, where will that money come from. Yes, he plans on taxing the rich more. Well, then I suppose they’ll just quit buying expensive stuff and we won’t need worker to make that stuff. And the rich will quit hiring maids and servants, quit going out to eat as much, and quit spending their money taking risks and starting businesses.

Now, there certainly are some who are rich to excess, but they have the lawyers that keep them from paying the big bucks in taxes anyhow (and they are pretty cozy with congress too, dontcha know!) So I guess I”ll be paying for this–for a long, long time. I just don’t know how you can manufacture money and not pay a price for that.

So, are we on the eve of destruction? I just don’t know. I sure hope not. I hope Obama can inspire and change things. But what will it cost? I don’t know, and I doubt he does either. Time to pray!

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