The State of the Union is…. screwed??

Watched Obama give a well-polished State of the Union speech last night. One thing he mentioned (and demonstrated) was that our students are not doing well in math and science. He promised to fix that. He could start with his own math….

¬†On the one hand, he called for holding the line on spending and not borrowing any more money–I applaud that. On the other hand, ever other sentence was a call to spend money—roads, infrastructure, energy, schools, education, etc. Everywhere he wants to spend money. Where’s he gonna get it? Most likely out of his ass, because it seems that’s where his head is at.

He called for an end to earmarks and vowed that he would not sign a single bill that came to his desk and had earmarks in it. Well now, that’s an easy promise to keep because the Republicans have already promised not to send him any bills with earmarks in them! He really is picking the low-hanging fruit there.

He talked about Iran just a bit, but forgot to mention how little progress we’re making in getting them to hold the line in nuclear development. Big talk in the past, but glossed over last night because he is making little progress.

Big news: he wants to increase taxes on those who create jobs, so that they can create less jobs. C’mon Obama, get your head out of your ass and come up for some air. The uber-rich don’t make money and don’t pay taxes anyhow. How about implementing the Fair Tax where everyone is taxed according to what they spend, now what they make. Then the uber-rich will actually end up playing a huge amount of taxes! The current income tax situation is blatantly unfair and only serves to punish those who work. The harder you work and the more you make, the bigger percentage of taxes you pay. And those with low paying or no jobs get all the same benefits I do–without paying much if anything at all.

So, Obama, you need to wake up. You were sent a message in this last election and if you don’t get it, you’ll get a message in the next one, and then hopefully unemployment will go up by one–you!

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