Send in the Troops

I agree that things are not going well in Iraq. I think that we really are “barking up the wrong tree” when we try to force democracy on a bunch of semi-barbarians that want to rule by brute force and use religious fervor as their war cry. I don’t think democracy will work for them. But hey, we tried. Now it’s time to work on extricating ourselves from their mess. We gave it our best shot, what more can we do.

Do I want to see us send more troops into Iraq? Definitely not. But then again, I’m no general. So while I’m opposed to it, we elected George Bush to lead, and so let him lead. If he thinks it’ll help, who the heck am I to second guess him. It’s a good thing we live in a republic and not a democracy. We elected him to lead, let him lead, for better or worse.

But overall, I hope and pray that we extricate ourselves from the mess we call Iraq as soon as we can. Hopefully they (the Iraqis) can make a go of it. If not, we’ve given it our best shot. If so, great!

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