More about his a$$holiness

The despot Burke is running wild again. I just learned a bit more about him. Seems like a coach for a catholic university in St. Louis has run afoul of the a$$hole…. He had a personal opinion and gave it. The coach was being interviewed by a local station and asked about his political views. Among the things he said he supported was choice about abortion and stem cell research.

Whoa! A personal opinion that’s contrary to the outdated teaching of the catholic hierarchy. Burke wants this man disciplined because he works for a catholic university. Burke would refuse to give him communion.

Come on! Burke is out of touch with reality. A real despot! Well, one day (the sooner the better in my opinion) Burke will meet his maker. I’d like to be a fly on the wall there as Burke gets his walking papers. It’s gonna be hot where he’s headed for eternity.

To read more about this controversy, go here:

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