What are You Thankful for Today?

Today is Thanksgiving Day, 2007. Have you taken a bit of time to think of the things you should be thankful for?

Life may not always seem evenĀ or fair. And it’s not. We often have to deal the hand we’re dealt. Different people grow up in different families, learn different things, have different customs. You may have a good work ethic because of your family–or not. You may have been taught honesty and integrity as a child–or not. Still, at least in this country, you do have the opportunity to learn these things, if you take it.

In the end, you have only yourself to ultimately thank or blame for your lot in life. The newspapers are full of stories of those who are born into lowly circumstances with a seemingly huge wall of disadvantages facing them, and yet struggle and succeed in overcoming those disadvantage. What you have in life is what you’ve made of it.

Thus, this Thanksgiving day, what you have to be thankful for is, in large part, due to yourself. You’ve done it, you’ve earned it, and you’ve the right to give thanks.

So, I recommend you take a self-inventory today. Yes, you can be thankful for the “good” thinks life has given you. But, ultimately, whatever you make of life, you have yourself to thank or blame as the final arbiter. You’ve made your choices. I hope they’re good ones and give you lots to be thankful for. And where your choices have not been the best, you have opportunity for improvement…and maybe something new to be thankful for on Thanksgiving Day 2008!

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