Not Enough Real Crime Out There for Orlando Police?

Apparently, crime must be way down in Orlando. Now, the statistics don’t show that, but the way in which the Police expend their energy is some indication. You see, there must be less robbers, rapists, burglars, pedophiles, and jay-walkers around, because now the MBI–Orlando Police Department’s investigative unit–is going after a local weekly newspaper for publishing ads for “call girls.”

I don’t know about you, but I was not born under a rock. I know what those ads are all about. Who doesn’t? And so what if the Orlando Weekly helped call girls and the like write ads that got around the law? What two consenting adults do behind closed doors should be between them and not a matter for the goverment (though I am in favor of taxing it!).

You see, the Orlando Weekly has been openly critical of the MBI in the past. Seems like payback to me. Once again, I can consider myself lucky that I do not live in Orlando or Orange County, as then I’d really feel screwed. Taxpayer money going to waste on such shenanigans. What next? Wonder why they don’t target “you don’t have to be right to afford an” attorneys and the like. Surely those ambulance-chasers are just trying to put the screws to companies. Put i guess screwing a company is legal prostitution, two adults behind closed doors–well, that’s another matter? Something is upside down here. And shame on the Orlando Police department for wasting their time and money. Shame!

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