Now I’ve Heard It All!

Oh my god! Now I’ve heard it all. Remember Larry Craig, the Idaho Senator who was arrested for soliciting an undercover cop in a men’s bathroom in Minneapolis? He pleaded guilty to a lesser charge. Then when it leaked out, he denied everything, said he’s not gay, said he was trapped, said he was picking something up from the floor, said he uses a wide stance when he goes to the bathroom? Remember him? He said just about anything to deny his guilt. Then he said he’d resign from the Senate. Now he say’s he won’t. Here’s a guy who can’t make up his mind. About all we know for sure is that he likes d*ck!  At least, that’s what he was looking for, I’ve no doubt.

Now, he’s going to be put into the Idaho hall of fame! Is that ludicrous or what? It is totally unbelievable. The poor people of Idaho. What did you do to deserve such an arrogant son of a b*tch? I’m sure next election you’ll turn him out, but maybe next time you’ll be a bit more judicious in your selection of a senator. Oh, how the high and mighty of the religious right fall. It would be funny, if it wasn’t so sad.

The guy’s a creep. Anyone who looks for sex in public bathrooms needs to be put away for a long, long time. Too bad the Minneapolis prosecutor didn’t go for it. Seems like he got a break. Oh well, he’ll be on the unemployment line when his term’s up. I hope they kick the b*stard out sooner!

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