Godd*mned Politicians

Oh yeah, they’re at it again. The real question is, “why am I amazed by this?”  What am I talking about? I’m talking about the California wildfires that have destroyed over 1500 homes…. Apparently some of the worst were acts of arson. But is that good enough for some low-life politicians like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi? No. What do they do? Well, othey blame President Bush. Yeah, they say two stupid things actually. On the one hand they blame the fires on the theory of so-called global warming. Yeah. Right. Brilliant.  And then they say that the fires could have been better contained if the national guard was not off fighting in Iraq. I guess they didn’t see the news about the hundred mile an hour wind gusts, and how the firefighters just had to wait until the wind died down. (By the way, not that the winds died down, the fires are mostly contained within 24 hours–without the national guard).

It just goes to show you how some despicable politicians try to policize everything, including human tragedy like this. They try to turn it into something political for their own gain.

 I have news for you, Nancy, Harry, and all your buddies…. you promised us a do-something Congress but you have failed to deliver on your promise. Look over your shoulders, because your grasp on power is very tenuous and you have not delivered on your promise. But, I forget, you’re politicians. That equals lying, cheating, and crawling on your bellies like snakes in the grass. Shame, shame, shame! 

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