What would you use a steak knife for?

It took a few weeks of thinking on the part of some dunce-like state attorneys, but they’ve decided not to charge a 1o-year old girl with any crime. What did she do? She brought a steak knife to school? What did she do with it? No, she didn’t threaten a teacher. No, she wasn’t using it to carve her initials in a desk. No, she didn’t wave it at fellow students? Well, then what? Oh, she used it to cut up the steak which she brought from home for¬†lunch. Wow, is that what a steak knife can be used for, to cut steak?

So, some overzealous teacher, administrators, local official, police, and attorneys got involved. Did they do the sensible thing–tell her that the steak knife was inappropirate, confiscate it, and maybe call her parents? Perhaps a bit of detention for not thinking this through clearly? Oh no, not in Ocala, in Marion county in Central Florida. They called the cops who arrested her and charged here with a felony.

She was using a steak knife to cut her steak, for crying out loud.

The stupidity and lack of common sense among the teachers, administrators, and police there is absolutely astounding. If I had a child in those schoools, I’d be thinking of finding an alternative.

A good kid who’s not a trouble maker and in all reports is a model student does something a bit dumb and gets traumatized by our so-called legal system. What a crock of you-know-what.¬†

Stupidity is ramant in society, and here’s another example. And now, finally, weeks later, someone in the State’s Attorney’s office finally pulled their head out of their ass and made a sane decision. Finally. Weeks later. Whew!

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