What the Boy Scouts teach

There are some lessons in life that should be learned early on, so you you don’t have to learn the hard way when you’re older. One of these is taught by the Boy Scouts: “Be Prepared!” Two years ago when the first of three major hurricanes crossed central Florida, not many people were ready. As a result, before hurricane Charlie, the first one, gas was plentiful and lines were non-existent. People were not preparing. After Charlie passed through, there was no gas to be found. Those stations with gas had no power, and those stations with power ran out of gas lickety split. Same thing with bottled water, propane, generators, tarps, and the like. When the next hurricanes came through that year, we were more prepared.

Now, I must say that I was somewhat prepared for Charlie. I had plenty of water and ice, a full tank of gas, and food aplenty. Still, I have learned and am even more prepared today. I filled up my gas cans over the past month, bought a generator this spring, and generally am ready for the next hurricane, which could be any day now.

I noticed lines for gas yesterday–and that’s a good thing. People are preparing in advance, remembering what happened two years ago. The stores had water, propane, and the like out, all ready for purchase. I think we in central Florida are more ready than ever. And that’s a good thing. Keep that Boy Scout motto in mind: “be prepared!” Then act accordingly.

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