I am angry!

It’s true. I am angry….  I’m mad as hell…. It has to be so, because I read it. It seems that Men’s Health magazine used a bunch of statistics from the CDC, the FBI, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics to come up with an “angry” rating for the largest cities in the USA, and Orlando ranked #1 as the angriest city in the county. And, to top it off, all five of the Florida cities that were rated were in the top 12, making Florida the angriest state, too. Wow, at least we have a claim to something besides Mickey Mouse!

Why are we so angry? Hell if I know. But I sure see the evidence of it, and that alone makes me angry. A few days ago, two elderly women were taking an early morning walk in their gated community. A hit-and-run driver hit both of them killing one and seriously injuring the other. And left the scene, left them to die. And one of them did. Fortunately the cops caught the bastard. I can only hope he resisted a bit, and that he gets a cellmate that will call him “honey-child.” And then this morning, a bicylist was hit and killed, a young lady out for an early morning ride, and the driver took off, leaving her to die. That makes me mad as hell. I hope they find the bastard and beat the living crap out of him/her. See, I’m angry!  No wonder Orlando wins the contest!

I guess being angry, and living in an angry city, isn’t always a bad thing. But still, there is too much anger all around me. I see it on the roads, every day. I hear it in conversations at work, all the time.  Frustration turns to anger. Why are we so frustrated? I think no one is listening. No one listens to our frustration. Our frustration builds. It turns into anger. Boy, I sure hope someone is listening to me here in my blog, so my frustration does not turn into anger. Maybe it’s too late, the Men’s Health article already has me angry!

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