Summer Heat

I’ve been thinking…. I complain a lot about the prolonged heat in the summer. Yes, it does get on me, the constant high of 95 and low of 75 with little variation, and never even belwo 70 at night all summer long. In most years there are also the frequent afternoon showers, though they seem to be somewhat lacking this year. Still, I think I complain too much.

In a few months, it’ll be cooler again, and the people “up north” will be shivvering and trying to stay warm while I lolligag in the mild temperatures.  So I figure I need to complain a bit less about the summer heat–I chose to live here, so I have to pay the price for the great winters.

Now, maybe when I retire I can spend my summers “up north” or at least in the mountains somewhere, a place where the summers are a bit cooler and a bit more varied. I’d like that. But in the meantime, I may as well make the best of what I have. And, we always have the anticipation of a tropical event to break the monotony. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not–I guess it depends on whether or not that “tropical event” becomes a bad hurricane, or just is some rainy and we weather.

No matter, Florida is still a great place to live, as evidenced by the droves of people who move here every day. Just a little bit of paradise, and I plan to spend more time enjoying it, and less time complaining about it! Amen.

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