Can you count to 10?

Apparently the person in line ahead of me at the express checkout lane at Publix was not able to. Or, perhaps she didn’t care, and thought she was too good too have to wait in a regular line with her 15 or so items. Or perhaps she was just a real egotist who does not care about others.

I think that Publix should enforce the express lane restrictions, and either charge a premium for each item over 10, or announce it over the loudspeaker–“another one who can’t count is in the express lane””–or just refuse to let them purchase any item over 10.

This is only an indication (another one if you’ve been reading my blog) of the “me”-centric mentality that’s become all to pervasive in society today. Me first. I’m important. It’s all about me. Sheesh!  Get a grip, people, it’s not about you….

If you think this blog is about you, then you need to think on these things…..

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