Weather Worries??

I live in central Florida. So, this time of year, the weather is always on my mind. Yes, I’m a weather junkie. I have a weather station and I post my weather on the Internet here:  I also feed my weather data to Weather Underground (, so if you search for the weather in my zip code, you find my data is what they give you. And, they maintain my historical data, too.

But during the late summer and early fall months, my thoughts turn to hurricane preparedness. We went through three hurricanes in 2004, Charley, Frances, and Jeanne. I lost power for 1-2 days in each of them.  But this year, I’m better prepared. I have a generator!  If I ever do need to use it, I’ll consider it a great investment. Now, stockpiling the gas for it may take a bit given today’s gas prices (near $2.90 a gallon, I think, and rising), but gas is still cheaper than rum or vodka!  I have extra bottled water on hand, and have most everything I need, should a hurricane threaten. So, I do have somewhat of a sense of weather security–just in case. Best to be prepared!

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