Orlando/Orange County’s misplaced priorities

Ahh… Politicians….what a bunch of hypocrites and phonies. Here in central Florida, they are no better than anywhere else. In recent news, Orlando and Orange County are once again trying to cram a new arena down the throats of the taxpayers, trying to make people believe that this is all “free” money from somewhere else that will give us great benefits. What it will do is benefit the owner of the Orlando Magic–which has been far from a magical team lately.

On top of all this, there is political fighting because Nemours wants to give the area a new hospital. Yes, you heard right. $250 million for a new hospital!  But the other hospitals are afraid of the competition. Last I knew, competition and the free market were among the foundations of our country.

On top of all this, Orange County schools are facing something like a $75 million shortfall in money needed to build new schools and remodel existing ones. The politicians allow development after development with little thought to the impact to our school system. On top of that, a brand new teach in Orange County can expect a starting salary of about $32,000 this year, and top teachers with a master can expect a several thousand less than double that–after many, many years of experience.

Where are out priorities. We can look at what politicians “say” they are–but when we really investigate, we find out that they are misplaced by a mile. What a joke. Throw the bastards out in the next election, and get some new, fresh, socially progressive and fiscally conservative politicians in who will spend our money like it’s their own, not like a kid with $5 in a penny candy shop!

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