Keep on the Sunny Side

There’s a great little song that keeps running through my head. The title is “Keep on the Sunny Side” and it was sung by June Carter Cash, among others. When were were at the Appalachia Museum in Tennessee last month, we came across a lady singing and playing guitar, and a guy on the fiddle. We bought her CD and this is one of the first songs on it, too. Anyway, it has a great message, I think. There is a certain amount of “dark side” things in life, bad things, accidents, things that happen wrong, even people who do or cause bad things. As they say “bad things happen to good people.” 

 However, a person can choose to focus on the bad, or look to the good side of things. Hence, “keep on the sunny side of life.” If you’d like to see the full lyrics of the song, go here: But the gist of the message is, no matter how bad things may get or seem, there is also a bright side just around the corner. Sometimes it takes some work to look for it, but it’s possible to leave strive and darkness behind and live in the sunshine, so to speak.

So, I guess my message to myself (and you) today is, there is a bright side to things, and it helps to look for it and not focus on the negative. Bad things will happen, the negative will find us, for sure.  But we don’t have to live in the shadows and darkness, we can choose to look for and move to live in the good side of life, on the happy side of things. Look for the good, don’t dwell on the bad. It’s good advice, I think.

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