Israel and the Arabs — Jews and Muslims

We often lose sight of what’s really going on in the Middle East. The so-called “peace loving” nations of Islam hate the Jews and want them wiped off the face of the earth. The current “conflict” between Israel and the Hezbollah in Lebanon is just a small part of this battle. There is no doubt that Hezbollah is supported by Syria and funded by Iran, two evil empires that need to be dealt with. It is unfortunate that the US chose to focus on Iraq as now we seem to be stuck there. I think it’s time to get out. Let Iraq fall into civil war or whatever. Heck, if they’re fighting each other then can’t concentrate on us.

But we need to continue to support Israel. It is the one hope for peace in the mideast. And that support means pressure of all kinds on the various Arab nations. Nations like Saudi Arabia, who’ve called for an end to Hezbollah’s missile attacks, realize that they must get along with Israel in the long run. It’s too bad that so many other Arab nations don’t see that.

And, while we’re at it, from a US point of view, we need to end out dependence on foreign oil. Heck, set an oil rig up on Daytona Beach, for all I care. Drill the ANWAR till it looks like swiss cheese. Or, more importantly, we need to develop alternative sources. People against drilling more fail to provide alternatives. We need to do so. But in the end, when we’re not dependent on foreign (i.e., Arab) oil, we can be more of a powerhouse in the worls and the Arab nations will no longer see our motivation as a need for their oil. Then, we can really help Israel and the middle east move towards peace.

At least, that’s how I see it today…. But in the meantime, I hope Israel blasts the hell out of Hezbollah and any other arab groups that continue to attack them. Amen!

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