What Grandpa Taught Me

I was thinking about my Grandpa today, Grandpa Szczech, my Mom’s father. I remember him telling stories of his days as a lumberjack–mostly stories about the mischief they got into, fights, and the like, rowdy times.

But I was also thinking of him because I chopped down a tree today. I remember working in the woods with my Grandpa, watching him, amazed at how he could use an axe or a chainsaw and drop a tree right where he wanted it.

I didn’t use an axe, opting for a chainsaw. And I used a rope to help guide the tree, since I was doing this all alone. But I did manage to drop the tree right where it needed to go–and not on top of me, either. Grandpa would have been proud. Of course, I’m sure he could have done it faster and better, but he had a lot of practice.

Yes, I learned a lot of things from spending time with him, and this was just one. It’s a good memory.

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