My weird family

My family is weird. Definitely weird by today’s standards. I so often hear of families where someone is not speaking to someone over some distant (and often fuzzily defined) issuer. Or families where everyone is divorced and remarried so many times that you need a scorecard. Or families that see each other once every few years, the visits are far between and, when visiting in another city, you stay in a hotel, not at their home.

My family is not like that. They are definitely weird.

Among my brothers and sisters, all are still married to their original spouses, all over 25 years. Definitely weird. Of all my cousins, I think there’s one or maybe two divorces. That’s it. Not a lot of churn. Looking to my mom’s cousins, there is a divorce or two, not much.

My family is so weird. We actually visit each other. No one would think of letting a family member staying in a hotel when visiting. Hospitality reigns. Just in town for a bit? Stop over for dinner, food will magically appear and you’ll eat like a king. Driving through? Stop by, you’ll be welcomed like you’re a king.

Definitely weird.

I am very lucky.

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