The Grinch did not steal Christmas!

Yes, I know, I read the book, too. How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Of course, if you remember the ending, who won? Christmas did. And the people of Whoville.

Why am I bringing this up? There are a lot of so-called Politically Correct people out there trying to steal Christmas from us. I’ll admit, it’s a bit better this year, as some major retailers have put Christ back in Christmas, refusing to bow to the pressure to change “Christmas” to Holiday or something else. It’s the Christmas Season, I’m going to do Christmas shopping, I’ll sing and listen to Christmas Music, and I’ll wish people a “Merry Christmas.”

Yes,the Grinch will not win. Actually, it’s the so-called politically correct Grinches that will not win, not if we don’t let them. If you celebrate Christmas, wish me a “Merry Christmas.” If you celebrate Hannukah, I’ll accept your “Happy Hannukah.” If it’s Kwanzaa, “Happy Kwanzaa” greeting are fine by me. Celebrate the holiday you want to celebrate, and I’ll do the same. Just don’t tell me what I can’t celebrate.

It’s December, it’s the Christmas season, and I’ll be wishing you a “Merry Christmas!”

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