The buck should start here

Or maybe, the buck stops here? You’ve heard this expression. I think it’s been given some new meaning by the Orlando police chief. Orlando is having a record year. A record number of murders, that is. Already at 50 when the old record was in the 30s, we still have 2 months to go in the year. That is a horrible record, a sobering statistic.

So what is Orlando doing about it? The police chief flew to Washington to beg for money to “fix” the problem. What is wrong with this picture? Sure, it is nice to get federal money, but hey, that’s our money already. Our senators and congressmen should already be making sure that we’re getting our fair share. We do not need the police chief “grandstanding” in Washington.

What we need is pressure on local government to cough up the bucks to help deal with the problem. This idea that someone else has responsibility to fix our problems is ridiculous. There is nothing stopping local government with raising the money necessary to help deal with the situation. Who best to know what needs to be done, than those who live here. Why expect politicians a thousand miles away to care? Or to be involved? Why just ask for money to be thrown at a problem.

The Orlando police chief and other local officials and politicians need to “shit or get off the pot.” Why wait for someone else to fix our local problems. We need to take the bull by the horns and get the ball rolling here and now, whatever it takes. That is, if it’s important to us. Think about it!

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