Celebrating My Heritage

I bought a Polish Flag on eBay the other day. I plan on displaying it proudly on selected holidays. I think the first will be Brother Martin day. I have no problem with ethnic groups celebrating their heritage, but it seems to me that if we institutionalize some one heritage, then we are playing favorites. Where’s the federal holiday for Pulaski Day? Huh? Where?

Latinos are welcome to celebrate Cinco De Mayo, but it does not need to be a federal holiday. Blacks are welcome to celebrate the contributions of Martin Luther King Jr., but it does not need to be a federal holiday. If it weren’t for the contributions of Pulaski and Kosciuszko, perhaps the revolutionary war would have failed. But we don’t celebrate them with a federal holiday. Why?

So, I will proudly fly my Polish Flag on holidays or any other day I see fit, to celebrate my heritage. And I will still fly the American Flag on federal holidays such as Veteran’s Day, Independence Day, and the like. I hope you celebrate your heritage, too, but also celebrate with me our common heritage.

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