Shame, shame, shame!

Yes, shame on the (now former) Florida Congressman who resigned on Friday for sending highly inappropriate email and text message to underage teenage boys who were pages in Congress. This fromĀ  “holier than thou” republican who in public bragged about his protection of children from the perils of the Internet, and from sexual predators. Here, he’s one of them.

This points out one of the big perils of a lot of republicans. They stand up with the religious right, known for their self-righteous attitudes. But in reality, they’re no better than anyone else. And, in the case of Rep. Foley, actually worse!

I am sickened and disgusted by this type of reprehensible behavior. It makes me wanna puke. Why is that so many Republicans give lip service to high ideals, but don’t live then in their lives.

Of course, the same can be said for many Democrats, no doubt. But then again, the Democratic party does not pretend to be full of a bunch of conservative Christians. No, the Democratic party is often the party of many left-wing minorities. And I’m sure there are many scum democrats too. But this Foley guy should be punished severely for his inappropriate behavior, and anyone who knew about it and did nothing is equally guilty.

See how the mighty fall when they claim to be holier than thou….

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