If it acts like a crook…..

Just when I thought I’d leave the issue of religion, I get a chance to mix it with politics. A local state senator was recently found guilty of grand theft, a felony, because he had some people from his office work on his reelection campaign while being paid on the state dollar. Sounds like a crook to me, smells like a crook, and a jury found that he is a crook.

Now a dozen area ministers are supporting this crook. They say he didn’t get a fair trial because he’s black. I got news for you: a jury of peers found a crook and convicted him. Just because you’re supposedly religious, that makes you an expert? What a bunch of bullcrap. Let’s place the damned “race card,” huh? Well, Siplin (the state senator) is a crook. I guess maybe he thinks he should get away with it solely because he’s black, and a bunch of so-called ministers seem to agree. Shame on them. They are certainly not ment of god, but self-serving bastards!

Call a crook a crook, it does not matter his color. I don’t care if he’s black, white, yellow, or green. He’s a crook, convicted, and that’s that.

By the way, another local official was recently removed for similar offenses….he used county workers to repair his house. No one’s calling his indictment unfair….oh, wait, he’s white…it does not count.

Shame on anyone for playing the “race card.” And double, triple shame when it’s so-called ministers. They only minister to their own self interests and are a disgrace to honest, god-fearing and god-serving people everywhere.

Gary Siplin, admit what the jury said, “you’re a crook.” Be penitent. Realize you’ve been convicted because you’re guilty, not because you’re black. Repent. Be contrite. Be apologetic. Be saved. As for the other so-called ministers who “support” you, they know the road their headed on, and it’s not one of salvation….

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