“Be Prepared” — not only for Boy Scouts

I am reminded the importance of being prepared for important–but sometimes unpredictable–events that can happen in life.

An Orlando police officer, attempting to stop a car, was run over and killed last week. Certainly a tragic event, and my heart goes out to his family. But I heard his wife on TV shortly after he was removed from life support. She said that they realized the dangers of his job, but it was a job he loved. They had extensively discussed the “what if” such a job brings, and they had discussed how to handle his untimely death if it should happen. Unfortunately, it did happen. But they had planned for it, they were prepared. This may not alleviate any grief, but sure did make it easier on his wife to “pull the plug” when it was known there was no chance of recovery, and made it easier for her and his family to deal with his untimely death.

Of course, my question to myself is “am I prepared?” I have to admit my answer is no. But this tragic event is a chance for me to learn and to get prepared. I need to do that. I hope you’ve already done it!

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