A big “get rich quick scam”

Want to get rich quick?  It’s easy–become a lawyer, find some piddly little issue, hold it over a company, make it a class action lawsuit, come up with a settlement where the “injured” parties (the actual clients) get diddly-squat, and walk away with $3 million in “lawyer fees.”

Yes, I am a part of such class action lawsuit, and those are basically the terms. Apparently my car insurance company, Progressive, may have pulled my credit report and used it in a way that was not technically legal. Whatever. They should not have done that. But as a result, what do I get? A free credit report. Well, I have news for you: I get one free credit report each year from each of the major credit companies, regardless. So what do I really get out of this settlement? Nothing. Actually, I get less than nothing.

What do the lawyers get? The ones who sued and made this a class action lawsuit? They get $3-fucking-million dollars (pardon my French). That’s absolutely highway robbery, because guess who’s gonna pay for that settlement? Me!  Yep, since I have insurance with Progressive, do you thing the board is gonna pull it out of their pockets? No way. They’ll pass the cost on to me.

So I get screwed twice, and it’s due to some high-paid, get rich quick lawyers, scum of the earth. This is the problem with our legal system. People suing for every little thing. What we really need is a loser pays system, where the loser pays the laywer fees on both sides. You’d see a lot less people suing Target for a  “slip and fall” if they had to pay if they lost.

What do YOU call 3,000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? I call it a good start!

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