Time for the FairTax

FairTax Book It is time for a fair tax. Now, I don’t like paying tax any more than anyone, and I want to pay less tax. But that’s not what the fair tax is about. We need to pay taxes, to support the programs of our nation. But we need to be fair about this. If you are not familiar with the fair tax, I suggest you buy “The FairTax Book.”Check Amazon.com or your neighborhood bookstore. It’s only a few bucks and well, well worth it. Heck, if you want, let me know and I’ll send you a copy–it’s that important to me.
No to IRSSo, it’s time for the FairTax. Time to get rid of the IRS. Time to make April 15th just another spring day. Get rid of the IRS. Let everyone pay their fair share. Tourists coming to the US? Let them pay some tax, they’re using our infrastructure. Illegal Immigrants getting paid under the table? Let them pay some tax, they’re consuming our resources. Tired of trying to figure out the multitude of conflicting and confusing IRS regulations? Get rid of the IRS and let each and everyone who buys or consumes anything pay tax on it.

Are you poor and want to buy a Yugo? Pay some tax on it. Are you rich and want to buy a Caddilac? Pay tax on it–more tax. Pay tax based on what you buy and what you consume, each and every one of us.

What about the poor? The FairTax gives a “prebate” to each and every one of us based on the poverty level, so that we are not taxed on the bare necessities of life. How much more fair could it be? Millions of the poor will pay even less tax than they do today. They’ll in effect get a wage increase. How is this possible? The FairTax gets rid of income tax AND social security and medicare taxes! Even the poor pay these. Well, especially the poor. But, I digress.

Let’s get rid of all income tax, FICA, medicare, social security, all those taxes. The FairTax will usher in an unprecedented era of growth and our economy will flourish. Foreign companies will flock here, rather than running away from the US.

Let me tell you folks, the FairTax is the way to go, and it’s a movement that’s gaining momentum. Ban the IRS! Get rid of Income Tax. Vote for whoever supports the FairTax, and against all it’s opponents. If you and your children want to enjoy unprecedented prosperity, this is the way to go the FairTax!!

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